Media Interviews

  1. The Invasion of Waziristan, Press TV ( April 26, 2014)(presenting caution over the military action in North Waziristan, Pakistan)
  2. "Violence Threatens Pakistan Culture,"  Press TV ( April 26, 2014)(presenting the concept of rental violence)
  3. "Both the US and Taliban killing innocent civilians," Press TV (January 1, 2013) (Professor Khan comments on the pattern of violence in Pakistan).
  4. "US ignores Pakistanis’ feelings about drone attacks: Analyst," Press TV (June 7, 2012) (Professor Khan comments on US continued attacks to help defend itself against what it has called terrorist threats).
  5. "US wants to reserve right to kill across border," Press TV (April 29, 2012) (Professor Khan comments on U.S. refusal to make an apology for a November airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on the Afghanistan border).
  6. "Obama makes 'great confession' on drone strikes," Press TV (January 31, 2012) (Professor Khan comments on President Barack Obama's confession on U.S. military drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas).
  7. "US resumes drone strikes in Pakistan," Press TV (January 11, 2012) (Professor Khan shares his opinion on the resumption of US drone attacks).
  8. "US-Pakistan ties cannot be reconstructed easily," Press TV (December 14, 2011) (Professor Khan says anti-American sentiments in Pakistan are so high that the mending of U.S.-Pakistan ties seems difficult).
  9. "The Wrath of Khan," Christopher Hitchens Watch (December 6, 2011) (In an extensive interview lasting over an hour, Dr. Lubna Qureshi, a history scholar in Sweden, interviews Professor Khan who criticizes Conservative Writer Christopher Hitchens’ views on the right to self-defense, terrorism, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the legitimacy of drones, and a number of other international topics).
  10. "US bullying Pakistan in drone row," Press TV (October 10, 2011) (Professor Khan comments on US drone attacks in Pakistan).
  11. "US fighting a failed war in Afghanistan," Press TV (October 8, 2011) (Professor Khan comments about the pressure on the Pakistani government in its fight against US-made terrorism to support Obama's last ditch attempt to manifest a departure victory against the Taliban).
  12. "President Obama 'has morally degenerated'," Press TV (August 13, 2011) (Professor Khan comments on U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan).
  13. "Foreigners Escalate Pakistan Civil War," PressTV (June 12, 2011) (Professor Khan comments on civil war in Pakistan).
  14. "US Leaving Big Mess in Pakistan," PressTV (May 31, 2011) (Professor Khan comments how in the name of hunting militants, the US is forcing its foreign policies on the Pakistani nation).
  15. "Pakistan Forfeits National Interest for US," PressTV (May 28, 2011) (Professor Khan comments on Pakistan-US relation and Pakistan's further risk of an internal unrest as a result of US affiliation).
  16. "Pakistan, US lie on bin Laden killing," PressTV (May 4, 2011) (Professor Khan comments on the Pakistani government's foreknowledge of the U.S. raid to take out al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden).
  17. "Pak Sufis become victim of West's great expectations," The Times of India (April 10, 2011) (by Sameer Arshad) (Professor Khan comments on Sufism in Pakistan).
  18. "US drone attacks in Pakistan 'a deliberate message'," PressTV (March 18, 2011) (Professor Khan says the United States keeps targeting Pakistani tribal areas with its deadly drone strikes to "send a deliberate message" to Islamabad declaring its presence in the volatile region).
  19. "Peter King is 'launching a crusade in the United States' PressTV (March 11, 2011) (Professor Khan expresses concern over congressman Peter King, Chairman of the House for Homeland Security Committee, who is launching a new crusade against Muslims in the United States with his so-called hearing on Radicalization of American Muslims) (length: 2 minutes, 17 seconds).
  20. "Governments Arising from Arab Unrest may not Fulfill U.S. Hopes," Kansas City Star (February 12, 2011) (by Rick Montgomery and Darryl Levings) (Professor Khan comments on Fusions States).
  21. "Religious Laws Long Recognized By U.S. Courts," NPR (September 8, 2010) (interviewed by Barbara Bradley Hagerty) (Professor Khan's comments are made at 2.55 to 3.42) (Professor Khan comments on Islamic influence and sees a scenario where non-Muslims could be governed by Islamic law). (length: 4 minutes, 34 seconds).
  22. "Muslim-American Men Sentenced on Terror Charges," NPR (June 24, 2010) (interviewed by Tony Cox) (Professor Khan with Nihad Awad discuss the charges and reaction in the United States of five Muslim-American men from the Northern Virginia area who were sentenced each to ten years in prison by a Pakistan court. The young men were arrested in Pakistan last December and were convicted for conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks) (length: 9 minutes, 17 seconds).
  23. Quoted, "Act of Transition," 27:10 Frontline: India's National Magazine (May 8-21, 2010).
  24. "Pakistan Issues," Interview on PressTV (broadcast from Tehran, Iran) (October 9, 2009) (interviewed by Waqar Rizvi) (Discussing U.S. aid to Pakistan and fighting Al-Qaeda.) (length: 6 minutes).
  25. "Competing Narratives of the Taliban," Vancouver, British Columbia, Co-operative Radio, CFRO, 102.7 FM (July 1, 2009) (interviewed by Gail Davidson) (length: 50 minutes, 48 seconds).
  26. "Threat of Taliban to Pakistan," Phone interview on PressTV (broadcast from Tehran, Iran) (April 27, 2009) (The Shariah deal between the Pakistan government and the Taliban will not be durable because parties are negotiating in bad faith. The government broke the deal and attacked the Taliban to please NATO forces, and the Taliban are finding excuses to extend their rule to other parts of Pakistan.) (length: 7 minutes, 18 seconds).
  27. "Feds Convict Five of Fort Dix Conspiracy," Free Speech Radio News (December 23, 2008) (Federal Prosecutors have convicted five men on charges of conspiracy to attack the Fort Dix military base in New Jersey. Critics accuse the government of entrapment and persecuting the Muslim American community. Professor Khan comments on how the government collects evidence from a group through infiltration techniques.)
  28. Khan's comments on political situation in Pakistan are published in the Lebanese paper As-safir (in Arabic) (August 26, 2008).
  29. "ICC Arrest Warrant for President Bashir," Middle East Today on PressTV (broadcast from Tehran, Iran) (July 15, 2008) (the broadcast is approximately 43:05 minutes and Professor Khan's comments are made at 3:42 and 9:45). (Professor Khan joined by phone other commentators in discussing the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the arrest warrant against President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. During Professor Khan's comments Tehran TV showed his photograph and the Topeka capital building.) (To watch the episode, either download and install Microsoft Silverlight as instructed on the page OR click the Windows Media Player link at the top center of the page.)
  30. Roundtable Discussion on Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan and U.S.-Pakistan Relations (in Urdu), Radio Aap ki Dunyaa (Voice of America (VOA) News) (March 21, 2008) (discussion begins approximately 11:40 minutes into the broadcast and lasts about 33:20 minutes).
  31. "Islamic consultation best formula for Pak[istan] democracy," PressTV (February 20, 2008).
  32. "NATO Genocide in Afghanistan," Vancouver, British Columbia, Co-operative Radio, CFRO, 102.7 FM (February 13, 2008) (interviewed by Gail Davidson and Charles Boyland) (length: 58 minutes, 11 seconds).
  33. "What Martial Law Means for Pakistani Families," National Public Radio (NPR) (November 13, 2007) (interview begins approximately 8 minutes into story).
  34. "Martial law and precarious democracy in Pakistan," PressTV (November 7, 2007).
  35. "Pakistan Political Future Remains Unsettled Despite Musharraf Election Win," VOA News (Voice of America) (October 11, 2007).
  36. "Khan Speaks on Sabbatical to Middle East," The Review (Washburn University) (online edition) (September 24, 2007).
  37. Quoted, "US Muslims Fear American Scapegoating", CJ Online (Topeka Capital-Journal) (September 13, 2001).
  38. Quoted, "Expert: U.S. Navigating Dangerous Waters", CJ Online (Topeka Capital-Journal) (March 21, 2003).
  39. Quoted, "Law Professor Raises Question on Iraq Policy," Goodland Daily News (December 4, 2002; Steve Haynes column) [148 KB PDF; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader].