1. Flextime and Time Triggers in Secrets of Temporality ( June 24, 2014)(presenting the concept of time triggers, durations, and flextime).
  2. Karma and Temporality in Secrets of Temporality ( June 20, 2014)(presenting the significance of karma under Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism)
  3. "Practical Temporality in Secrets of Temporality ( June 16, 2014)(presenting the significance of planning for the future)
  4. Secured Transactions, Black letter understanding of the Basic of secured lending, particularly the principles of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. YouTube Videos (2009- ).
  5. Scripture on Parchment, Poems, YouTube Chapters on Personal Ego, Personal Diversity, Personal Evolution etc. (2011- ).
  6. American Muslims and the Right to Religious Freedom, Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture at K-State University (March 15, 2011).