Friday, July 26, 2013

Georgia - A Wounded Nation Seeking Self-Definition

The Georgians wish to be part of Western Europe and dream of joining the European Union. But they must never forget that Georgia lies next to Russia and is located primarily in the Muslim neighborhood. With a brutal history of invasions and occupations, the Georgians rightfully seek freedom and national independence. They courted Russia to escape from the Muslims and now they are courting Western Europe and the U.S. to escape from the Russians. Escaping may not work. Distant courtships can be romantic but good relations with (even boring and dangerous) people in close proximity can be highly beneficial. Georgia cannot afford antagonism with Russia and hopes in vain the U.S. would countervail Russia. The U.S. can certainly help Georgia in learning the skills of economic development. But for all nations, including Georgia, the neighborhood is the first reality. This is true even in a shrinking world. While the Georgians dream of a beautiful tomorrow, they might practice waking up a bit earlier without a hangover to fully benefit from daylight savings in God's enclave.
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