Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pakistan Forfeits National Interest for US

The US has reportedly asked Pakistan to provide intelligence on people listed as most wanted terrorists.

The list is to include Osama bin Laden's deputy and Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Press TV interviewed Liaquat Ali Khan, author and Professor of Law at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, regarding the Pakistan-US relation and Pakistan's further risk of an internal unrest as a result of US affiliation.

Press TV: Since [Osama] bin Laden's death, the Pakistan-US relation can best be defined as a whirl-wind. Does the US really expect Pakistani co-operation after continued violation of sovereignty?

Ali Khan: Yes, I think that's a very difficult question for the Pakistani leadership, because the people of Pakistan are very angry over the violation of their territorial integrity and sovereignty. But it seems like the Pakistani government is still willing to listen to the United States and do what they are asked to do.

Press TV: Is the US putting Pakistan at a further risk of an internal unrest, considering the people, the government, and the army seem to have their own opinions about what should happen?

Ali Khan: Yes, I think when [President Barack] Obama took over the Whitehouse, I wrote very clearly that the Obama policy is going to generate a civil war in Pakistan, And I think that is exactly what is happening. And the continued policy of putting pressure on Pakistan to kill its own citizens in North Waziristan and other federal areas, I think that is not going to be good for Pakistan, even though it is not good for the United Sates, because the Unites States is losing this war in Afghanistan, and so I don't think this continued policy of killing people is helping either the United States or Pakistan.

Press TV: When all is said and done, Pakistan sovereignty does really matter to the US, so why the public show of wanting the Pakistani government to handle the US's dirty work?

Ali Khan: I think that there are so many theories, but one is that for the last 63 years Pakistan has acted as a slave state, and it has put foreign interest over its domestic interest, so the present government, like the previous government, continues the sacrifice its national interest in order to please foreign donors.