Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saying No to the "War on Terror"--A Challenge for the New Government in Pakistan

If the winning parties in Pakistan will fight the American war on terror, they will be welcome as moderate parties. If the new government will say no to "the war on terror" and make an effort to bring peace to the nation, it will come under economic and military pressure to change.

Unfortunately, some (not all) US policymakers prefer that Muslim governments fight and kill "extremists and radicals." This is a recipe for internal strife and civil war. Pakistan needs to wake up, as must all Muslim nations, to say NO to the genocidal "war on terror."

Consultation, negotiation, conciliation, and arbitration are the Islamic methods of dispute resolution. These are also the methods of international law.

These methods are mandatory when disputes are among Muslims. Hopefully, the winning political parties in Pakistan will use these methods to resolve internal disputes. Read More