Sunday, October 21, 2007

Free Markets of Islamic Jurisprudence

This Article examines both internal and external scholarships and their respective contributions to the fiqh markets. It first explains that the fiqh markets are sustained through internal scholarship that shapes the rules of Islamic law. It later examines the role of external scholarship that might influence these markets. Although the fiqh markets are essentially Islamic, the external scholarship may offer clarifying insights and constructive criticisms. Such external scholarship may not directly influence the development of fiqh, but its indirect impact on the fiqh markets cannot be ignored. Finally, the Article also discusses the disengaged scholarship that manufactures disrespect against the Quran and the Prophet. It also highlights external scholarship that paints Islamic law as a system founded on fraud and plagiarism. The fiqh markets disregard the disrespectful scholarship because assaults on the Quran and the Prophet furnish nothing useful.